Each project we take on requires a fresh look at the way we approach the space. Our ability to make storytelling as design is what defines the space. Be it a thematic museum, or one based on artefacts, a personality oriented institution, a temporary exhibition space, or production design for a film, a place recounting corporate history, each of them have one-of-a-kind solutions.

To us the primary elements are space and light.

Space gives way to a play in volumes, textures, tonalities, graphics, sets and a myriad of immersive interpretations. Light makes the play of space happen. It generates moods, atmospheres, depths. When it gets dynamic, a whole world of multimedia opens up. Projections, visual illusions, programmed with sound and after effects. Our own imagination is the only limitation to the potential that this unravels.

Harnessing the skills, abilities and talents of a wide spectrum of disciplines which range from exhibition, graphic, industrial and structural design, film making, music, arts and crafts, history and academia, research and content development, automation, engineering and programming, we create a unique custom-made language for each project, a design solution which is all-encompassing.

Content and client requirements dictate solutions for the project which are always innovative, always new. Our approach is to cohesively integrate multiple disciplines and deliver an extraordinary result which we would like to claim had no precedent.